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2014. coffee, read, learn the law, sleep, repeat.

“Do not sit trying to manufacture feelings. Ask yourself, ‘If I were sure that I loved God, what would I do?’ When you have found the answer, go and do it.”

—   CS Lewis, Mere Christianity (via hannaoliviaway)

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“Lead me to the water deep; in the gracious current I’ll sink.
I will rise dead to my sin; Christ in me & I in Him.”

—   Victory // Hillsong College

this is amazing.

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”

—   Song of Solomon 4:7 (via kvtes)

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Let there be mud on your clothes, nails in your boots, ink on your skin, pain deep inside you. Let it grow and don’t be afraid.

Start with your own story.

—   Green Witch by Alice Hoffman

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reminded of the fragility of life tonight.

now to watch New Girl to bring this sombre time of reflection to a close.

but i should be studying.

oh well.

“Solitude with God repairs the damage done by the fret and noise and clamor of the world.”

—   Oswald Chambers  (via hannaoliviaway)

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“Keep on loving your friends;
do your work in welcoming hearts.”

—   Psalm 36:10 (MSG) — courtesy of one of my dearest friends.